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Advertising in Göteborgs-Posten
– when you want to reach people in western Sweden

Göteborgs-Posten (GP) is western Sweden’s biggest daily morning paper, reaching 558 000 readers every week through its digital channels and the subscribed newspaper. The newspaper is published seven days a week and the website, the mobile channels and the news applications are updated 24 hours a day. This accessibility, combined with our passionate commitment to local concerns, enables us to build a transparent and close relationship with the people of Gothenburg. And it works both ways: the dialogue with our readers also helps us produce the best local news, reports and tips. It also means that we are, of course, eager to play a part in major events held in Gothenburg and to give our readers even more of what we’re best at: being a world-class local.

GP is a part of Stampen Media which consist of Bohusläningen, Strömstads Tidning, Hallands Nyheter, Hallandsposten och TTELA – all newspaper throughout the swedish west coast. Together, the titles have a reach of 79% in the regions (A31-35) corresponding to 875 000 people. Stampen Local Media also includes 8 free newspapers.

CEO – Johan Hansson
Editor-in-chief and responsible publisher – Christofer Ahlqvist
Political bias/inclination: Liberal

Our products

The newspaper

When you want to get your message across to people in West Sweden, Göteborgs-Posten (GP) is the perfect channel. GP is western Sweden’s largest morning paper with a 33% daily reach in the Gothenburg area, or approximately 247 000 readers. You can also choose to place your message in our weekly supplements with special themes, where you will reach readers with a special interest in your products and services. The possibilities for how you would like to expose your brand are almost endless.

Total daily print reach in A33

The newspaper contains two sections: Section 1 includes editorial, debate, domestic, international and local news. Section 2 handles news about finance, politics, sports and consumer affairs as well aws news within the cultural sphere, travel and entertainment.

Två Dagar (Weekend supplement)
Every Saturday we publish one of our best-loved, most widely read supplements with content that lasts all weekend. It contains articles on interesting people, travel articles, fashion, food articles and wine tests.

Tv-tider (TV programme guide)
Every Sunday we publish a supplement full of TV and radio listings for the next week. A presentation of upcoming programmes, with tips on what is worth viewing. This is a supplement that people keep.

GP Ekonomi & Karriär (Economy and job supplement)
Every Sunday we give our readers GP Ekonomi. The supplement focuses on the companies and the key personalities behind them and their success and presents a short but efficient overview of the week that has past. Content and adverts that have been placed in our former supplement Jobs & Education is placed in GP Ekonomi.

Our digital channels

GP is more than a newspaper. Our website,, is the largest local news site in western Sweden and has more than 500 000 unique readers per week. With GP in their mobile phones, our news are of course also available for our readers wherever they are, at any time. And not just news, but sports, culture and entertainment, economy and local events and images. For more information about GP’s various advertising possibilities, don´t hesitate to call or e-mail your personal contact.

Total daily digital reach in A33

eGP – the digital newspaper

eGP is the perfect hybrid between our newspaper and a digital product, at least if you ask our readers. Sound complicated?
Think about the newspaper and all it stands for and contains; the latest world news, the reviewing articles, photos, debates and so on. Think about eGP in the same way, because all of that is also included. The only difference is that eGP is published 365 days a year and you can read it wherever you are in the whole world via your tablet, smart phone or computer.

Readers every day
A few days a year, the newspaper isn’t delivered to our subscribers, such as during swedish Midsummer or Christmas Day. We call these days ”paperfree days”. However, they can always read a fresh newspaper with the latest news via eGP. The same applies to our advertisers.

The following days, the newspaper can only be read via your smartphone, tablet or computer via eGP:

January 1st
January 5th (Trettondag jul)
Good Friday (Easter)
Easter Monday
May 1st
May 5th 2016 (Kristi Himmelfärdsdag)
June 6th (Swedish National Day)
June 25th 2016 (Midsummers Day)
October 31st (Halloween)
December 25th (Christmas Day)
December 26th (Boxing Day)

Advertising packages


Western Sweden’s leading morning papers are combined in one powerful advertising package – Västpaketet. With just one insertion in Västpaketet, you get 65% coverage, just over 900,000 readers.
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Citypaketet is a partnership between GP, DN and Sydsvenskan. These newspapers together reach 55% or 2.2 million of the people with the highest purchasing power and best education in the three biggest cities of Sweden.
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Adapt ADX

Adapt ADX is an ad exchange for six of Sweden´s largest newspaper groups. This includes most of the Swedish newspapers and you can bid on 75% of the Swedish news readers.
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For further information, please contact:

Robert Bäcklin

Telephone: 0046-704 66 38 16